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Pintribe mainly a fashion website based on Namibia and its kinda pinterest style website. Pintribe emphasizes on fashion of girls and user can upload their fashions online.

Clients requirements:

Client needed a website like pinterest with some options to have. Website responsiveness, custom login and useful customized contact box is a must.


Making a pinterest type site is tough and having specific options made our thinking tough more. But we tried to make him satisfied and we started a very long term discussion. Making site responsive and popup sign up and search bar is also in need. And we took all that options and requirements as a challenge.



We first started to design out what we need to be. Then markup the whole things. Client loved it and we started to code.

Our very fast team convert the full site to CMS and that was wordpress. We build custom dashboard, login panel, user panel, slider panel and so many things needed.

Getting some of images ready and make them simply professional was so much fun.

And like movies at last we had done a very nice touchy site for the people sitting in the other side of the world and made him happy.

That nice man again come back for a new project and still we are connected.

Then what you are waiting for?

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